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Who is MedEscort?

Caring, Compassionate, Economical, Effective…

We provide a tailored, systemic, stop-loss solution to the financial losses resulting from Unfunded Foreign Patients (UFPs). Our team includes hospital executives, healthcare lawyers, risk managers, seasoned physicians, and medical transportation experts. MedEscort has developed comprehensive case assessment, bed-to-bed solution, a 24/7 hotline, and individualized care plans to meet each client/patient's specific needs with a personal touch. 


The mission of MedEscort International is to provide American hospitals with a comprehensive solution for uncompensated medical care of unfunded and undocumented foreign patients.


MedEscort International partners with client hospitals and a leading national healthcare law firm to implement effective, economical, and dignified medical repatriations with synergy across all aspects of the safe discharge process.


"The way in which your team organized the pick up was nothing short of amazing... Everyone from the flight crew to the flight doctor, to the interpreter in the ambulance with us speeding through the streets of Vietnam... What you do for people in medical need is nothing short of amazing... This was the most stressful event in my life and to have your calming support through it all was immensely valuable."


Ms. Au-Co Mai, CEO Marketing Advantages International, Inc.

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