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Global Reach

International Relations:

At times, diplomatic missions and consular officers of some countries do not cooperate with the repatriation effort, preferring the patient remain in the USA, benefiting from excellent care at no cost to him/her.

Patient repatriation also requires effective communication with multinational diplomatic missions and a good working relationship with the US Department of State.

The MedEscort International team skillfully navigates the endless international maze of stakeholders, political hurdles and the objective limitations of medical care in the patient’s home country. 

Each case is individually assessed for a tailored risk management and medical repatriation plan.

Global Medical Transportation

MedEscort International has successfully repatriated over 6000 patients to more than 100 countries


MedEscort offers unmatched expertise and 35 years of experience serving domestic hospitals, international insurance, and medical assistance companies with cost-effective repatriation services.  Aviation and home-country medical solutions are geared to match patient condition.  

90% of the repatriations are onboard cost-effective commercial airlines (stretcher or business class configuration).

For acute cases, we offer international aero-medical transport via vetted air-ambulance partners.

Top 10 Counties for Repatriation of UFPs




Dominican Republic








El Salvador

Middle East (Iraq. Iran. Lebanon. Israel. Turkey. Jordan)

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