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Not Just another Air Ambulance Company, but an aeromedical transportation service designed with your best interest in mind!

MedEscort is comprised of skilled, caring, specially trained professionals who can cut through the maze of travel complications to meet their physically-challenged travel partners’ needs efficiently, effectively, and economically.

Caring, Compassionate,

Economical, Effective

MedEscort International was founded over 25 years ago with these basic principles and philosophies as its foundation. MedEscort has served the health care community, throughout the world, and has strived to perfect the techniques of moving patients from one place to another. Our medical staff includes registered nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and physicians. MedEscort has developed comprehensive, individual aeromedical services to meet each patient’s specific needs with a personal touch.

Why choose MedEscort?

Our company has developed the reputation of providing high-quality health care in the aeromedical industry and has developed a “total care” concept in the long-distance transportation of patients. MedEscort’s vision looks beyond the scope of traditional air ambulance service and provides health care professionals with a “medical consultative” service not only for aeromedical services but for other logistical support that may be needed.

Through the collective efforts of social workers and our personnel, MedEscort provides an objective recommendation for individualized quality long-distance transportation by air ambulance, commercial airline, or other forms of transportation. MedEscort provides a cost-effective approach to health care by assuming the responsibilities associated with each potential transfer. This allows our patients, their families, case managers, and social workers to focus their efforts on more urgent matters.

Why MedEscort

MedEscort Provides

Aeromedical transportation by commercial airline and private air ambulance depending on the individual needs of the patient. Cost-effective travel with a personal touch. Take the worry out of aeromedical transportation planning. 

One phone call does it all!

MedEscort Offers:

  • Medical & stretcher escorts by commercial airlines

  • Air ambulance

  • Medical Transport

  • Pre-trip preparations

  • Bedside to bedside service

  • Ground transportation service

  • Airport “meet and greet” service

  • 24-hour available worldwide travel coordination

MedEscort prides itself on providing a qualified and caring staff to make
your trip as smooth as possible.

Our personnel are specially trained in flight physiology and its respective patient care, in-flight emergency medical administration, as well as airline and international etiquette. We have qualified people stationed throughout the world and a network that spans the globe.


Craig Square Photo.jpg

Craig Poliner, President

Phone: 1.800.255.7182

Kristen Square Photo.jpg

Kristen Druckenmiller, Vice President


Phone: 1.800.255.7182

Shai Headshot.jpg

S. Shai Gold, Regional SVP


Cell: 1.800.255.7182

Kelly M..jpg

Kelly Mouer, Vice President of International Operations


Phone: 1.800.255.7182

Medical Management & Legal Logistics


David Poliner, D.O.


David M. Stein, D.O.

Mark Weller, Esq.png

Mark Weller, Esq. 

Trade Shows & Events


NOV, 5, 2022

American Case Management Association's 5th Annual Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference


APRIL 3-6, 2023


Past Events

  • 11th Annual Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference: King of Prussia, PA: 8/27/2022 

  • 17th Annual Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference: Mashantucket, Connecticut: 10/01/2022

  • 18th Annual Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference: Pittsburgh, PA: 10/01/2022



PO Box 8766 Allentown, PA 18105

Call Us 24/7 -  1-800-255-7182

Email Us -

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