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Why MedEscort?

MedEscort provides a comprehensive solution to the complex financial, legal and medical problem presented by Uninsured Foreign Patients (UFPs).

Hospitals incur months, or years, of financial losses for care provided to Uninsured Foreign Patients (UFPs are illegal residents and/or uninsured tourists). UFPs are admitted via the ER without the hospital's ability to deny care. The higher the acuity, the greater the loss.

In many cases, hospitals are unable to simply discharge uninsured foreign patients (UFPs) due to regulatory, safety and risk management considerations.

(This scenario is typically associated with patients admitted for acute and tertiary care.)

Amplified risk management concerns of Social Work & Discharge Planners, Hospital Risk Managers, and Hospital Lawyers result in continued financial losses.

Revenue loss is further exacerbated by the loss of bed capacity for insured patients.

View example of case study below.

Case Study

Uninsured Foreign Patients (UFP) Have Substantially Higher L.O.S:

In our experience, L.O.S. of uninsured foreign patients, with complex medical conditions, is substantially higher than any other patient segment, including uninsured domestic patients, because UFPs do not meet medical, social or risk criteria for discharge. It is not uncommon for UFP cases to reach 1,000 days of hospitalization, SNF or ALF care.

Patient Profile:

65 Year Old Male - Severe Stroke

L.O.S.: 190 Days

Country of Origin: Egypt

Est. Direct + Indirect Loss:

Varies by hospital


Successfully repatriated and placed in a medically indicated facility.

Resource Utilization Chart.jpg

What MedEscort Provides

Executive decision support for hospital leadership

Complete case coordination in collaboration with patient finance, social work, risk management, and legal stakeholders

medical & legal case
management, including re-documentation for bed-to-bed transfer

Medically appropriate international transportation

After 35 years of experience of providing the highest quality, aeromedical transportation, MedEscort International developed a comprehensive solution to the complex financial, legal and medical problem presented by UFPs. MedEscort International provides proactive financial and risk management solutions that enable our clients to safely return patients to their country of origin (consistent with guidelines of the American Medical Association).



  • Health care and immigration law

  • Hospital risk-management

  • International healthcare operations

  • Managed healthcare

  • Global medical transportation


Our team works collabroatively with all relevant stakeholders of the hospital. MedEscort provides an objective recommendation and individualized care plan for repatriations. We provide a cost-effective approach to a serious financial/legal and medical problem by assuming the responsibilities associated with each case. This approach helps our clients focus their efforts on the routine hospital operations, while collaboratively outsourcing these highly unusual support functions to our organization. At the end of the day, our clients and beneficiary families are pleased with our service. 

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