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Solving the Problem of
Unfunded Foreign Patients in American Hospitals

Cost Containment    |    Risk Management   |   Medical Transportation

Re-Documentation    |   Case Management    |   Insurance

Extensive patient and family consultation and education

We ease fears and remove the unknowns

Family Consultation

24 Hour Call Center Serving Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, South America 

MedEscort International has successfully repatriated over 6000 patients to more than 100 countries

Worldwide, specialized legal support team

Listed with US State Department

Direct correspondence with foreign consulates

Management of all legal aspects of patient transport

Legal Team

Healthcare coordination in their home country

Direct contact and coordination with medical and rehabilitation facilities


Medical transport of patient


90% accomplished using commercial airlines with only 

10% requiring private air ambulance services

Specializing in complex medical situations: stretchers, ventilators


Three decades of experience with our own medical director and specialized case managers

Medical Transport

Reuniting Families 

It is an amazing feeling when we are able to reunite a patient with their loving family

Family Reunion

"The way in which your team organized the pick up was nothing short of amazing... Everyone from the flight crew to the flight doctor, to the interpreter in the ambulance with us speeding through the streets of Vietnam... What you do for people in medical need is nothing short of amazing... This was the most stressful event in my life and to have your calming support through it all was immensely valuable."


Ms. Au-Co Mai, CEO Marketing Advantages International, Inc.

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